Stele with catalogue of ephebes under the kosmetes Archelaos

Provenance: Athens, «Diogeneion». Height: 1.32 m. Width: 0.63 m. Marble: Pentelic.
Chronology: 139-140 AD. EAM 1484

The stele is divided into two unequal parts. On the cornice, is the inscription: «For the Good Fortune of the Emperor Antoninus» (Agathei Tychei Autokratoros Antoneinou). At the top, are depicted three male figures in relief. In the centre, the kosmetes Archelaos, son of Apollonios, from Piraeus, wrapped in his himation, is crowned by two ephebes, one wearing a himation and the other a chlamys. The inscription on the field mentions the archon, the sophronistai, the paidotribes, the hoplomachos and the hegemon. At the bottom, are inscribed names of ephebes, citizens of Athens (protengraphoi) and foreigners (epengraphoi).