Stele with catalogue of ephebes under the kosmetes Herakleides

Provenance: Athens, «Diogeneion». Height: 0.78 m. Width 0.49 m. Marble: Pentelic.
Chronology: 163/164 AD. ΕAΜ 1466

The stele is crowned by a relief pediment inscribed in the rectangular slab. The inscription mentions the name of the archon and the kosmetes Herakleides from Melite. On the shaft of the stele are inscribed names of ephebes (Athenians and foreigners), festivals (Antinoeia in the City and in Eleusis, Germanikeia, Hadrianeia), the two systremmatarchai and other officials of the gymnasium (agonothetai, gymnasiarchoi, sophronistai). At the bottom is the depiction of a ship with three seated oarsmen, wearing a chlamys, and two others, standing at the prow and at the stern, with the oars over their shoulders.